the story behind terpsi

Having been born and raised in Greece, our childhood was full of light, sea and sky blue colour, natural beauties, tastes and smells. We were feeling the presence of a long-lasting tradition and a history which goes back centuries. This tradition is built around mother earth and the presents that this uniquely gifted land lavishes on humanity. Our families and social circles were doing everything possible so that we could enjoy the best that nature could give. Often, people among our families, or even ourselves were involved in the cultivation of all these goods that were necessary for our growing up and well-being.


The time that we had to get independent and leave our country, ‘chasing the dream’, had arrived. We knew that we would miss a lot of things and mainly our families and friends. But we could never imagine the extend up to which we would miss the tastes and smells of our childhood. We were just starting to realize the value of these things and whenever we tried to reach goods originated from our country, we got disappointed. In most of the cases, these goods had neither the quality nor the price that we desired and had known in Greece.


Then, we started thinking that it might be worth trying to promote and offer these goods abroad, at their original quality and a fair price. The way in which this could be achieved was a major concern and it is almost certain by now, that we would have never made it, unless we had the support of our producers and people. After all, we all had one thing in common: our passion for offering and promoting high quality Greek food products. We shook hands and started working.

And this is how Terpsi was born…


terpsi's values

Terpsi's vision is to become a point of reference for the quality and value of its products.

Terpsi's principles are passion, trust, fair trade and social responsibility

Terpsi's promise is to be consistently focused on quality, nutritional value and taste

Terpsi's products are carefully selected to meet the highest standards

Terpsi's products quality is what distinguishes them among competitive products

Terpsi's producers follow pure, traditional cultivation practices


Because in the end, it’s all about people and their values...


our people

Our products originate from specific producers carefully selected to meet all our requirements and standards. Our selection does not concern only the producers, but also considers the specific cultivation area and its unique characteristics. The chosen cultivation areas, due to their particular characteristics and microclimate, contribute significantly to the quality of the products. Ensuring a high quality and nutritional value for our products is an ultimate goal and an uppermost duty for us in our effort to satisfy our customers’ needs.

With our producers and partners, we maintain a relationship of mutual understanding, faith and trust. They are aware that by collaborating with Terpsi, they add value to their products and boost their profile.


terpsi means quality

Our producers follow pure, traditional cultivation practices without any method of production intensification.

Ensuring high quality and nutritional value for our products is an ultimate goal for us and this is why this process constitutes our top priority.

Our products comply with all modern quality standards in all intermediate stages, from the producer to the market. 

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