Terpsi Olive Paste also comes from the well known Kalamata olive variety. It is widely popular due to its high quality and taste.


Solid (Drained) Net Weight: 100gr

Kalamata Olive Paste, 100gr

SKU: 7670144
  • Energy Content: 278kcal/1162kJ per 100gr

    Fat: 29.5gr per 100gr

    Carbohydrates: 1.4gr per 100gr

    Fibers: 5.9gr per 100gr

    Protein: 1.7gr per 100gr

    Salt: 3.4gr per 100gr

  • • Paste that comes from olives which are meticulously selected and traditionally processed
    • It is rich in taste with high nutritional value
    • It can be eat alone or accompany your favorite dishes or salads
    • A good source of monounsaturated fats and alpha-linoleic acids, such as omega-3
    • Olive products have proven anti-oxidant and anti-cancer benefits

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