Organic Brown Rice
Whole-grain, from Messolonghi


Rich in nutrients and fibers, as it contains the outer fiber layer. Ιdeal for pilafs or salads. Each cup of rice requires three cups of water. Boiling time 45 minutes

Organic Brown Rice, 500gr

SKU: 7670939
  • Energy: 359kcal
    Proteins: 8gr
    Carbohydrates: 73gr
    Sugars: 0,02gr
    Fats: 2,14gr
    Saturated Fats: 0,3gr
    Fibres: 3,9gr
    Sodium: 0,001gr

  • Terpsi Rice originates from cultivation areas, that are well known and highly reputed for the quality of specific rice varieties that they can offer. This is what allows us to claim that we offer an excellent product.

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