6 things to change in your lifestyle in 2018!

January 14, 2018

The Mediterranean lifestyle, including but not limited to the Mediterranean diet, is a key to good health. Here are 6 simple things to start with:


1. Try to make exercise a daily habit of yours


This does not necessarily imply doing sports or going to the gym. You could walk more, use the stairs instead of the elevator and spend your spare time in activities that will enable you to stay physically active and keep you mobilised.


2. Enhance your diet with foods rich in good, unsaturated fats


Good fats like olive oil reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Also, exclude the ones containing saturated fats as much as possible. Always remember to eat a complete, protein-rich breakfast to start your day.


3. Reduce the consumption of sugar


It can prevent insulin resistance, which can cause obesity and diabetes. Try using small amounts of tasty sweeteners like honey, instead of large amounts of white sugar.


4. Add more fruits to your daily diet


They are low in calories and provide you with fiber, which keeps your digestive system healthy. Also, they are rich in vitamins and minerals.


5.  Avoid eating fast food and ready made meals


Home-made cooking not only provides your family, friends and yourself with healthy and balanced meals but it can also be a fun way of bringing you closer to the people you love!


6. Laugh more!


 Life is short and we must not forget to enjoy it as much as we can!



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