Terpsi Stories: Our People

January 18, 2018

Story 1


A long time ago, Yanni’s family owned an olive mill, set in an ancient grove in Crete. The mill soon became a family business, growing and pressing olives to produce oil. In Yanni’s capable hands, the mill was sensitively restored and enhanced with its own labelling and packaging facilities, being able to produce extra virgin olive oil, following the same traditional methods and practices it once did. The quality of its product is what enabled Yanni’s family business to grow and flourish over time. It is this quality that is enclosed in every Terpsi olive oil bottle.


Story 2


Giorgos took his first steps by supplying his local market with olives grown at his family’s grove. Very soon he started curing and marinating the best olive varieties from all over Greece, producing whole and stuffed olives as well as olive paste. His family tradition of olive processing and treatment passed on to him when he was a child. These pure, traditional processing methods, which keep on until today, are what make Giorgos’ olives unique.


Story 3


Kostas’ life is closely associated with the maintenance of honey bee colonies. He is among the very few people in Crete who know the secrets of honey collection that well. Along with his family, they dedicate all their time and efforts to what they really love: the selective bee breeding and honey extraction. Their beehives move around the most privileged mountain ranges of Crete, ensuring that the honey collected is of the highest quality. The nectar from the herb bundles that grow exclusively in Crete and mainly from the wild Cretan thyme, results in a honey which is unique in flavour and of high nutritional value.   


Story 4


Vangelis learned from his father how to love Cretan herbs and flowers and became a big believer in their value. He has been collecting mountain herbs since he was a child, discovering this hidden treasure of nature and its benefits; benefits that the modern lifestyle seems to have forgotten. He soon realised the importance of planting and growing organic herbs and decided to dedicate himself to it. His passion and know-how led him to the production of herb and spice blends and seasonings which pack unique flavour into every dish.


Yanni, Giorgos, Kostas and Vangelis, we are proud of you being our people; Terpsi’s people…



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